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Artist Statement


     Faustine explores sublime relationships between spirit, nature, and humanity. Through the mediums of acrylic, oil, and watercolor paint, she expresses the interdependence of humans with the environment, and the devastation to both that ensues in the absence of spiritual connection. Adopting a Surrealistic method of painting, she utilizes the technique of automatism to connect with the unseen world of spirit and psychology.


     A musical background carries over into Faustine's psychedelic painting style, expressing esoteric realms and encouraging a vibrational alignment with the divine. Faustine feels an urgency and responsibility to share her knowledge and experience of the spiritual with humanity and use art and music as tools to transcend pain and illuminate the darkness in our world.


     Faustine considers her life as an artist to be an act of service, and her paintings are metaphysical objects used for intersession, contemplation, and spiritual activation. Through her use of mystical references and alchemical symbolism, Faustine seeks to elevate the consciousness of the viewer, bringing them into a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of cosmic entities, animals (including humans), plants, and the universe.

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