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     Z Sylver-Faustine Vania Angelina Joy Quanstrom is an artist and musician, born on Valentine's Day 1969 in Whittier, California, currently residing in Michigan. Through her mystical oil paintings, she explores sublime relationships between nature, spirit, and humanity. Illumination, symbolic of knowledge and understanding, radiates from within her paintings.


     Faustine has had an extensive musical career as a member of the psychedelic space rock band, Helios Creed. Between 1991 and 2001, Faustine (aka Z Sylver) engaged in song writing, keyboards, vocals, visual and recording production for Helios Creed. Her credits can be found listed on over 13 albums and various recording compilations.  She has also accompanied the band on multiple tours of the United States and Europe.

     In December of 2023, Faustine will graduate from Oakland University with a Bachelor of studio arts and minor in art history. Her paintings are included in the student thesis exhibition at Oakland University’s art gallery. Continuing to integrate her musical experience with her painting practice, Faustine has begun writing new music to accompany her contemporary artworks.

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